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Chef Dave
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Keep a peeled onion in the fridge for less tearful cutting.


Chef Dave's Career History

In 1968, I got my first restaurant job as a dishwasher. That's where I first heard about the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). In my second job I was fortunate to work for a graduate of the CIA. What an experience! I watched and learned from him, and could see firsthand the great happiness and satisfaction he experienced in preparing a meal and getting an immediate response from his patrons. That situation left a lasting impression on me. Throughout high school I worked at various local restaurants, flipping burgers and dropping shrimp baskets while daydreaming about attending the CIA.

After high school, I made my dream come true. I attended the CIA in Hyde Park, NY, graduating in 1974. While at the CIA, I decided it would be important for my career to immerse myself in all aspects of food service operations. Over the next 18 years I worked for a variety of food service organizations, including fine restaurants in various hotels and resorts from Miami to Maine. My culinary odyssey ended here in Houston, Texas in 1980.

I started in Houston at Chez Eddy restaurant, where I met a cook who was working a second job at Ouisie's on Sunset Blvd. I worked at Ouisie's for six and a half years, until it closed in 1989. I have worked at many fine restaurants since, including Sam's Cafe, Rao's Italian Restaurant, Blue Water Grill, Sierra Grill, and finally, the new Ouisie's Table in 1995. I had decided at that time that the new Ouisie's Table would be my last restaurant job in Houston. Eighteen months later I left.

For two and a half years I worked for Euro-Mid, an import food distributing company, as office manager, learning still another side of the food service industry.

Several years ago a friend asked me to go to his girlfriend's home and teach her some things about cooking. We had a great time and, ultimately, they had a great meal. So, here I am. After 31 years in the culinary arena, I have discovered that my heart's real desire is to teach cooking. There are so many people with beautiful kitchens who don't use or enjoy them. I want to help change that!

See you at the cutting board,

Chef Dave

Chef Dave's skin


Click here to see the CNN video clip of Chef Dave at Sierra Grill in 1991.
(1.5 MB Quicktime video)