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Archived Article #3:

Culinary Thymes

Chef Dave would like to tell you a few things he thinks are important. Here, you can read about the newest places to eat, links to other culinary web sites, occasional commentary, and what's on Dave's mind. In this, his third article, read about one of Houston's hottest new culinary mags:


Houston Culinary Thymes

Do yourself a favor and pick up the newest issue of the Houston Culinary Thymes, due out this week. This new elegant, informative, and well-designed magazine is published by Alyce Eyster and Jennifer Frazier.Culinary Thymes...The Cover Alyce Eyster formerly worked for the Houston Metropolitan. Jennifer was on the opening staff at the new Ouisie's Table Restaurant in May 1995, where we met. The Houston Culinary Thymes is published every other month. It is packed with articles written by local professionals like Elouise Adams Jones, who owns Ouisie's Table Restaurant, Joe Abuso, who owns Abuso Catering, Michael Bettler who owns Lucia's Garden (with his wife Lucia), Peg Lee, who is the Director of the Rice Epicurean Cooking School, Kathi Mosbacher, who is a freelance food editor, as well as many other contributing writers. There are numerous pictures and recipes, a culinary calendar, and a page called "Notables" featuring my new venture, Counter Productions.

I really enjoyed working with Jennifer for the year she was with Ouisie's. She was very creative and did a great job being in charge of the cold food station.Culinary Thymes...The Inside After getting to know her and seeing her work, she was given all of the creative freedom she could ever have wanted. I remember the day she applied for a job, during the pre-opening stage of the restaurant. When I read her application I found she actually didn't have much experience working in restaurants, and her desired hourly rate was a pretty high. Since most restaurants don't pay too well to someone with limited experience, I decided to interview her because I wanted to know why she thought she was worth so much money. After a great interview, I found her to be exactly the type of employee Ouisie's needed. I hired her on the spot, and never regretted that decision! She has proved to be a very talented young lady and I wish her all the best in her new endeavor.

You can find Culinary Times at many places around town, including Superstand, Ouisie's Table Restaurant, Lucia's Garden, and Wines of America. To have it delivered to your door, you can subscribe by sending a check for $22 (for 6 issues) to:

Culinary Thymes
1436 West Gray, PMB 291
Houston,TX 77019-4946

***For further information call: 713.523.8991